UVM Bug Blitz

What is a UVM Bug Blitz?

Officially, the goal of the blitz is to band together to fix as many open UVM bugs as possible in a 24 hour period (or less), then make the updated code available to accellera to take, ignore and/or curse as they see fit. unofficially, the blitz will be a fun, low commitment way for a few well-meaning verification engineers to get to know each other and work together for a few hours for the greater good. it'll also (hopefully) become a precedent to spur on other open-source group development efforts.

Who Is Involved?

Assuming I'm interpreting the freecellera.org home page correctly... freecellera is an inclusive 'organization' so whoever wants in can participate in the blitz. I guess we'd just need a heads-up before hand to know who is getting involved. OR we could set a first-come-first-serve limit of <something reasonable>... but I think it'd be more fun to just keep it open and work with whoever we get.

How Does It Work?

Let's start with some basics and go from there. if we can agree on these, getting to the details might be a little easier. I'm purposely leaving out most of the tools and technical details b/c I know we'll be able to come up with all kinds of options for that :).


We're using Trello to keep track of a list of preparation activities.


You'll need a github account. That's where you'll find the freecellera UVM repository.

Refer to the <add link to tudor's how-to> for information on how to commit to and deliver bugs to the freecellera repo.

For unit testing bug fixes, refer to the UVM Bug Blitz Bug Fix Example for information on writing UVM tests with SVUnit.


Someone has to do some packaging or whatever is required to close out the blitz and see that the code is in decent shape to share back to accellera. Details so far are TBD.

Ground rules

  • we're a team... 1 for all and all for 1... ask not what freecellera can do for you... etc
  • every fix is delivered with a test (or tests) to verify it.
  • we'll code in pairs (this is partly because simulator licenses may be hard to come by, partly b/c of the real time code review, partly b/c... for me anyway... it'll be more fun to work with someone instead of just spending another night in my basement)
  • the 'boss' is the boss and has the final say for accepting/rejecting updates
  • depending on timezones and who we have, maybe we take turns 'bossing'
  • we have an open google hangout or similar for real time chat/screensharing (ongoing or as necessary). or have it open for whoever is interested in tuning in to watch.
  • it is not a race. if we opt for quantity over quality, I'm guessing what we produce will be (more easily) dismissed.

When Is It Happening?

Let's say the exact day is TBD for now. Initially, we proposed second half of Feb'2015 but that's come and gone. Interest is building though so for now we can guess first half 2015.

Where Is It Happening?

Here, there and everywhere. If you want to participate, it doesn't matter where you are.

Join The UVM Bug Blitz!

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